I am so grateful for OB, it so effective for pain relief and after a session it is such a relief to be re-aligned and restored. I always sleep better and feel better after a session. OB has helped me with digestion issues, back pain, knee pain, and shoulder injuries. It is my #1 health resource of choice when I am dealing with an issue.

In addition to that, the Ortho-Bionomist is fabulous!!

1. After receiving a prescription for severe and bordering on chronic indigestion from my doctor, I opted to go for an Ortho-Bionomy session which relieved the symptoms immediately. I did not fill the prescription.

2. After two surgeries this year in relation to breast cancer, Ortho-Bionomy sessions helped with lymph drainage, pain relief and stress. I am very grateful.

3. Ortho-Bionomy treats you like a partner in getting well not a patient. I love that the most.