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Ortho-Bionomy® Association of Canada OBAC Policy information for On-Line Class Attendance

“Online instruction cannot replace the hands-on experience from in person classes, and students should seek out extra support from an instructor or their advisor as needed.”

All Online classes require real-time instructor interaction and are to be documented as “Online” on certificates and on the program record form.

Number of on-line classes Accepted: each class will be accepted only once to either of the OBAC training programs levels (Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner) For example: If you attend an on-line platform for the Demonstration Skills, Elements of Successful Practice, Practitioner Training Seminar or Ethics and Emotions in the Practitioner level then in the Advanced Practitioner level you must attend the class in person as the peer learning is essential.

Signing documents: Signatures won’t be obtainable for the PT program papers, but a student can write in the name of the instructor and note that it was a virtual class and include a copy of the certificate of completion with their paperwork.

Approved Classes for On-Line / Virtual platform Attendance
  1. STUDY GROUPS: Two on line study groups per student per level of training
  2. SELF CARE: (16 units’ IVP)
  5. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY (24 units IVP allowable each level)
    Practitioner level/Structural Anatomy
    Advanced Practitioner level / deeper structures, body systems, medical reports: Two days on line/IVP in structural theory and two days in person class
  6. ETHICS AND EMOTIONS Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner levels: (16 units IVP)
  7. DEMO SKILLS Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner levels: (16 units IVP) Actual Demo’s can also be done using IVP

Original Effective Date: May 2021

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Other Ortho-Bionomy Classes

Society of Ortho-Bionomy International (SOBI)

A natural approach to health and well-being – ortho-bionomy.org Training & Classes. The Society of Ortho-Bionomy, through its Registered Instructors offers classes and training designed to give individuals a thorough understanding of the art and practice of Ortho- Bionomy.  64 units of training with SOBI per Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner training levels may be accepted for the OBAC programs. 

Ortho-Bionomy bodywork

Ortho-Bionomy Programs

Interested in becoming an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner?

The Registered Practitioner programs are designed to give students a thorough understanding of the principles of Ortho-Bionomy in addition to providing extensive hands-on experience in both classes and supervised practice. Practitioner trainees choose a Registered Instructor, with a minimum of one year of teaching experience, who will act as their Advisor and assist throughout the training period by offering guidance, support and constructive feedback.

In order to ensure the highest standard of Ortho-Bionomy education, the Ortho-Bionomy Association of Canada (OBAC) has compiled a program which must be completed by any applicant that desires to become either a Registered Practitioner, or a Registered Advanced Practitioner.

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Marie Long

Vernon, BC
(250) 542-0763

Janet McKenna

Vancouver, BC
(778) 928-0821

Judith Miller

Vancouver, BC
(604) 362-3906

Peggy Oud

Kelowna, BC
(250) 317-2375

Mary Thiessen

Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 222-1888

Elaine Tucker

Williams Lake, BC
(250) 392-2730




Rhoda Hollander

Calgary, AB
(403) 819-3604

Rhoda began the study of Ortho-Bionomy in early 2001  She is an Advanced Practiotioner and Instructor  and currently practices in Cochrane, Alberta.  Her interest in Ortho-Bionomy came as a result of her search for wellness after a sudden, seven year long bout with severe nervous system reactions to contact with everything of a chemical  nature. During those years her life was turned upside down as she was consumed with the need to find some relief and to regain her previous good health.   

“My path on the search for wellness led me through many modalities and supplemental programs, which helped immensely in the beginning, but progress was slow and after seven years it seemed to me that I was at a stand still in my recovery process.  I knew there must be a missing link that was keeping me from moving forward in my journey.  I then turned my attention to Ortho-Bionomy and after my very first session with a practitioner, I knew that this totally holistic approach was working to reawaken my body’s own ability to heal.  Ortho-Bionomy assisted in helping me to become aware of the repetitive patterns within my body, which were keeping me stuck where I was.”  

Rhoda made the decision at that time to learn all she could about Ortho-Bionomy with the intention of helping others. She soon came to know that this gentle, non-invasive work, and trusting in the body’s wisdom to heal itself, could be of great benefit to all.  She has integrated Ortho-Bionomy into her life and loves helping others to find peace, joy and contentment in their lives, through a healthy body, mind and spirit.