I have enjoyed and benefited from my experiences of Ortho-Bionomy in many ways, first and foremost by the relief of pain and the absence of pain in the session, second in the wise and knowledgeable counsel as to how and why the sessions are helping me, third in the consistency of the benefits of the process.

I recommend Ortho-bionomy to people of all ages with all kinds of body issues.

- S.G

I suffered in chronic pain for over 16years with Fibromyalgia. It took me 8 months alone to give Ortho-Bionomy a try, fearful of another false hope. Words really cannot describe the experience. The effects were profound, and in 6 months I was pain free completely, off all medication, and living a life I had only prayed for and dreamed of. Now I’m studying this amazing modality. THANK YOU!

- N.A

Living with pain seemed normal to me. All my life I’ve had a ‘bad back’. Short of surgery I was told to just learn to live with it, so I did! Coming across Ortho-Bionomy was an accident and random event at a farmers market. Even just the first session took me to a pain-free place. After only just a few sessions I now have NO back pain. I highly recommend just even giving this body work an opportunity!

- M.W

It’s like dance you have with your own body while you’re just watching on. Just blissful, painless and opens up your world to an understanding about yourself that’s so simple. Highly, highly recommend Ortho-Bionomy.

- C.S

I am so grateful for OB, it so effective for pain relief and after a session it is such a relief to be re-aligned and restored. I always sleep better and feel better after a session. OB has helped me with digestion issues, back pain, knee pain, and shoulder injuries. It is my #1 Health resource of choice when I am dealing with an issue. 

In addition to that, the ortho bionomist is fabulous!!

1. After receiving a prescription for severe and bordering on chronic indigestion from my doctor I opted to go for an ortho bionomy session which relieved the symptoms immediately. I did not fill the prescription. 

2. After two surgeries this year in relation to breast cancer, ortho bionomy sessions helped with lymph drainage, pain relief and stress. I am very grateful. 

3. Ortho bionomy treats you like a partner in getting well not a patient I love that the most. 

- G.C

1. Due to the physicality of my work, I often have to deal with pain due to repetitive work injury.  Ortho bionomy has been more effective than chiropractic, physio, or any other form of pain management and treatment. 

2. Since 1992 OB has been my go-to treatment. It has been life changing for me.

3. A bad headache, neck pain and general discomfort can be relieved so efficiently by ortho bionomy in one treatment. The efficacy of the process lasts long after the initial session. 

- A.C

After 20 years of persistent sciatic pain from an athletic injury I went for an Ortho-Bionomy session. 

(I had already tried every other modality).

I was so amazed to experience complete relief after 5 gentle sessions.

I was so inspired I studied to become a practitioner.

Life changing is an understatement.

J.M Vancouver

The quality of my daily life has been vastly improved by my Ortho-bionomy treatments. As the name suggests, they have helped my body return to (and retain!) easeful, 'right' alignment. The therapy has been incredibly effective both for a recent, acute knee injury and for some chronic pains that many other modalities had been unable to address meaningfully. Without actually experiencing it, I never would have believed that the principle of "always working within comfort" could increase my range of motion so profoundly.