History of OBAC

The History of the OBAC,

The process of establishing the Ortho-Bionomy® Association of Canada (OBAC) started in 1999 by Advanced Instructor Baeleay Callister, with the application to secure the Canadian Ortho-Bionomy Trademarks; the name Ortho-Bionomy® and the symbol of the Sand Dollar.  To complete the process, Baeleay suggested that we form an association that would satisfy the Canadian Government regulations as well as facilitate the needs of Ortho-Bionomy members in Canada.  Eight individuals dedicated to OB came together and offered sufficient funds to see this task through.  Initially they were willing to offer the funding in the form of a donation, but after some thought it was decided that the group start up as a viable venture with a promising future, so the financing was arranged in the form of a loan. This process continued to complete the work that Baeleay began and passed it on to the Association.  

The vision of the newly formed group was to run the Association as a senate and give everyone an equal voice.  Unfortunately this was not possible, as we had to follow the government structure designed for non-profit organizations where all the work is done by volunteers. This process included; finding a lawyer, an accountant, learning how to meet all of the government requirements and asking ourselves “what would be the most beneficial way to structure the Association?”  This signaled the beginning of the five year process that, finally in 2004, would see OBAC become one of the many worldwide Ortho-Bionomy Associations.    The learning curve was steep for a group of Ortho-Bionomy enthusiasts but in May 2003 we gathered together for our first general meeting in Radium, BC where the board was officially voted in by the membership to make Ortho-Bionomy ® Association of Canada official. 

We are very grateful to Jim Welsh who volunteered to develop and maintain the first OBAC website, which he did graciously and capably for many years. Jim registered the web domain name in late November 2001 and the website went ‘live’ in early 2002.  Baeleay and Jim were instrumental in selecting the domain name and, with the help of several OB students, financed the initial cost. After the Association was formed the OBAC took on full responsibility of the website. 

As the original board members began to retire, a portion of the money originally loaned to the startup was repaid, with some of the money being donated to several Association causes, i.e. $990 to brochure development and $300 to the education fund. 

One of the principles Dr. Pauls brought to Ortho-Bionomy is, ‘Structure governs Function’. When we apply this principle to the OBAC organization or to the daily practice of OB in our personal lives we might ask, “How would we function without a flexible spine?”  Even bones can withstand up to four hundred pounds of pressure and will bend before they break.   By following the Ortho-Bionomy essential principles and concepts, the vision of OBAC continues to build a strong but flexible organization.  

The founder of Ortho-Bionomy, Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, taught his first class in 1976 in Toronto, Canada upon his return from Europe.  He combined his understanding in Osteopathy and Homeopathy with his Martial Arts background to give birth to the principles and concepts that govern the work.  Today Ortho-Bionomy is practiced worldwide. 

To maintain the spirit of Ortho-Bionomy at the OBAC board level, it is essential to hold the idea of consensus rather than a top down rule.  This creates an all inclusive organization where the individual voice is valued.  

It was a privilege to be part of the group that had a vision and the passion to promote the growth of Ortho-Bionomy, despite their already full lives. Special appreciation is extended to; Baeleay Callister, Jim Welsh, Pam Lofter, Debbie Greenlay, Marie Myers, Barry Pietz, Mary Thiessen, Roy Smith, Cassie Williams, and Jane Johnson  Thank you as well to those who continue to maintain the Ortho-Bionomy vision. 

Marie Long / OBAC Advanced Instructor / IT